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                                                          Lockport Little League Junior Umpires Association


I, _____________________________________ am registering to become a Trained Junior Umpire, certified and under the supervision of the Lockport Little League Umpires Association. I will attend all umpire classes, on-field training and testing to insure that I am fully qualified to umpire in my in-house league and post season games.

Upon approval and judged ready, Lockport Little League will furnish me with a Shirt, Ball Bag, Plate Brush and Indicator. I will wear pants and black shoes or black sneakers and will always look neat and ready to umpire. I further understand that I agree to pay a $10.00 fee (to accompany this registration) to help cover the costs of training and materials supplied to me. I understand that I must be 13 years old and will provide a copy of my birth certificate at registration if I am a new applicant.

A stipend will be given to me for each game I umpire during the regular season and post-season.

I understand that the Lockport Little League Umpires Association, under the direction of the Executive Board of Lockport Little League, will oversee this association.

Name ___________________________ Age____ Returning __  New ­­____


Shirt size Please circle one:  SM   MED   L   XL   XXL



Date___________________                    Fee Paid __________



Signature of Parent/Guardian if under age 18: ______________________